The merging of two creative fields

A magic moment! The idea of monomer was born in 2010 when two creative worlds and personalities met. The architect Thomas Mrokon, specialized on CAD and 3D-Printing, met the goldsmith Antje Bott. Together they developed the idea to produce pieces of jewelry in a 3D-printing process. Something unique was created: the jewelry collection monomer.

It was obvious that the combination of high-tech CAD software and the state-of-the-art-technology of 3D-printing opened new horizons for the creation of jewelry. With the traditional methods of goldsmith’s art these unique pieces are not yet conceivable.

3D-printing allows a new complex design vocabulary to create voluminous and at the same time lightweight and sophisticated pieces of jewelry or very personal and individual styles.  The materials are as timeless as sophisticated: 925 sterling silver, most precious 750 gold or platinum. Contemporary – different – distinctive.