deutscheCraft is a family run wholesale business established in 2011.  We represent a selection of the finest and for centuries established German silver, gold and crystal silver manufacturers for retailers in the UK and Ireland.


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deutscheCraft is the first point of contact for those high-end suppliers.  Orders via email or on-site appointments at your convenient time and venue.  If you are interested in more detailed information, or would like to get in contact, please use our email  We are pleased to assist you.

Sonja Quandt

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In 1860, Johann Stanislaus Nepomuk Kühn, a goldsmith from Vienna, founded a silversmith manufacture in the heart of the old Staufercity Schwäbisch Gmünd.  1886 – about 26 Years later, his sons Emil and Gustav took over the manufacture and gave the company the name Gebrüder Kühn.  Fast the business became a flourishing company which products had the typical unicorn hallmark – the heraldic animal from Schwäbisch Gmünd.  In 1984, Sonja Quandt became owner of the silver workshop and moved the company in the city quarter named Strassdorf.  Since then, silver goods are produced with its own understanding of luxury for the whole world.

Quinn since 1903

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BUELLING is a chain producer from Germany, founded in 1975. The collection includes 18k Gold necklaces with weights between 0,8 gr. and 80 gr. per piece: flexible Wire necklaces, Omega, Trace, Belcher, Snake, Ball and Popcorn Chains, just to mention a few. In addition there are Models for customer-pearls, Diamond-Jewellery, flexible Rings and much more.


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